Sunday, February 24, 2008

Clear Your Mind .....Clear Your Clutter

There’s Powerful Energy Moving When You Start to Clean

I never fully realized this before.

My business mentor had told me that was the first step……to clean my workspace, my house, my car, my computer… desk…..CLEAN UP!!

I must admit it’s the one I initially skipped over.

I was soooo excited to get started. I figured I could go back and do that later.

I wanted to make money!! And get going.

The silly thing was I knew better, so I was given the wonderful opportunity to learn this lesson once again. (Let’s hope I got it this time!)

This step is an ABSOLUTELY essential thing to’s instrumental in creating room for new things to come to me…..I tidy my house both inside and out. Putting the trash where it belongs and reaffirming the value in what I love.

I know that what my life looks like in the outside physical world is a reflection of my inside world …. What I do in one …..Will and does impact the other… they are not separate at all, they are woven beautifully together. I didn’t realize this though…..even with a lot of the training I had in “Energy Medicine” but I’ve got to tell you…….It makes ALL the sense in the world to me now….. it is KEY ….this First Step is key.

Cleaning allows me to see and think more clearly.

When everything’s in place I work more efficiently.

Now I’ve provided a “blank" canvas for creating.

I feel really positive about my self and where I am.

Energetically........this is a MUST!

The simple act of cleaning and organizing clears the energy chatter.

All the clutter and mess can actually form a sort of “energetic wall” around me keeping things out and keeping things in. Rhythm and flow is restored.

Energy’s in everything!

For example: Imagine the feeling when a room is stuffy and stale after being closed or full of people for awhile, or you’ve been driving for a long while in the car.

The simple act of opening a window to let some fresh air in dramatically changes the whole atmosphere.....I breathe a little ….actually a lot more easily, I’m invigorated filled with more energy, it wakes me up

Now, imagine an unresolved problem or unfinished business you may have with someone or something.

Boy, doesn't it feel good when you face it, take action and it’s completed?

I feel rejuvenated and empowered.

Now I can move on, it’s not hanging over my head or fussing about in the back of my mind wasting my energy and my valuable time, mind and emotions.

No more energy drain….I pulled the plug!

I believe it helps sets the stage for what ever task I’m involved in, it’s become almost a ritual I consciously clean up my physical environment I acknowledging to myself and the Universe that I’m ready for change!

As if I’m saying “So come on. Bring it on. I’m ready and willing.”

If I find myself resistant to this step, I might ask myself a few questions

Like….. “Am I ready to change?”

“What’s holding me back?” “Is there something I’m afraid of?” or

.”Hmmmmm isn’t this interesting? I wonder what this is all about.”

Sometimes I figure it out…..and sometimes not……..yet the act of acknowledging “It”, looking at “It” and most importantly my subsequent action of moving through ‘It’ is where the magic lives!

Another thing to remember is this is not a one shot deal...but rather a daily/weekly practice.

I found it’s become easier as I exercise my “sorting, cleaning and organizing” muscles.

Now I can’t imagine NOT doing it! Even just a little …and sometimes that’s all I do…Yet when things are hectic and I skip this step ……I’ve realized I actually waste more time in the long run.

Feng Shui principles incorporate this idea too;

Economy of objects, minimum clutter and thoughtful placement equals maximum and correct energetic flow.

The Law Of Attraction is alive in all aspects of our lives…. this one too…. new things are invited towards us by cleaning up and cleaning out the old.

Like I’m always saying…….. Action is the secret hidden in “Attraction.”

Blessings………In Peace,


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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Cinderella Full Lunar Eclipse..Go to the Ball!

The Heavens have a gift for us tonight. Tonight’s full moon has an added punch …….so get ready……so you can drink in this fabulous spectacle. It's a total lunar eclipse—the last one until Dec. 2010.

Here’s some background info:

The full moon has no light of its own ……it’s gusto comes from being a gigantic reflection of the sun…..Lucky us …….not only do we get the bright light from a regular ole full moon’s but tonight we’ll see a unique celestial show a Lunar Eclipse!

So what happens during an eclipse?

The earth is in the middle of it all… (Surprise, surprise! from the planet of the human race…. what else would we expect?) The Earth casts not one but two shadows…... (Not that we can see them) One shadow (umbra/smaller) is “with in or contained” in the other shadow (penumbra/larger).

The penumbra shadow is the larger of the two yet it can’t quite take care of all the light the sun sends so nothing much happens when the moon and this shadow meet.

The exciting part begins when the moon starts moving thru the smaller of the 2 shadows, the umbra.

I don’t understand it but somehow this “inner” smaller shadow blocks all the sun’s rays……making for an awesome special effect. But it doesn’t happen all at once…..the official time of the Eclipse is 7:37 pm EST, representing the time the moon enters the larger shadow….but you won’t see much till a bit later, around 8:42 EST. That’s when our lovely moon slips into the smaller shadow…..

This action makes it look like the moon disappears little by little as the shadow grows larger.

About 10:26 pm EST this show is in full force!! Our beautiful Moon strike’s the half way mark of her journey through the shadows

Now we’ get the color show!!! Our pumpkin becomes a princess turning an enchanting shade of red and possibly turquoise!

It doesn’t last long so make sure you try to view it……by about 10:51 pm EST “Cinderella Moon” turns back into her shadowy silvery pumpkin self…. the typical silver grey shade most often associated with her..

The visual color show is over now for us but that doesn’t stop her…..she’s still moving through the shadows…….we just can’t’ see much she’s partly hidden again at 12:09 am EST, and that’s it……for us!

But her journey through the shadows continues till she comes out the other end of the larger shadow at 1:16 am EST.

I’m hoping for clear skies, a hot cup of tea, and good company to drink in this two hour spectacle……Don’t despair if you’re not able to view this wonderful spectacle because the Energies provided graciously by our celestial neighbors are more than enough!

I urge you to take the time to embrace the energies this evening……they will serve you well during the year to come. Virgo’s energies are considered healing, both spiritually and the physically. If we use what’s offered tonight a “new you” may emerge out of the shadows along with the Lady of the Moon.

Analytical and organized Virgo helps push us along to reach that next level. To move forward.

Combine this with the liberating and letting go energy the Full Moon always provides and you have the makings of endless possibilities. Set free where and what you are now and allow Virgo’s help to create what you are becoming and who you want to BE!

Let the Cinderella in you come out……….and don’t hurry home at midnight…..move forward standing strong and tall claiming your due, both glass slippers firmly in hand.